Local Attraction

Bukit Sylvia

Enjoy the sunset at Bukit Sylvia or Sylvia hill. Bukit Sylvia is one of the best places to spot sunset in Labuan Bajo. You can go for hiking and It is located about 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

Bukit Sylvia exudes a captivating charm, making it a magnet for numerous tourists. Curious travelers are drawn to witness firsthand the panoramic views offered by this particular spot.

This tourist destination is often referred to as the “Love Hill.” Interestingly, the actual romantic hill, with a different location, shares the same name. Despite being situated in different places, both hills have the enchanting ability to create a romantic atmosphere, leading to them sharing a common name, even though their locations differ.

Goa Batu Cermin

Located only 4 Km from the hotel, in this cave we can see sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, also its offers fossil corals view, turtles, as well as tortoises on the cave wall.

One of the captivating features of Goa Batu Cermin that enthralls tourists is the scenic beauty both inside and outside the cave.

On the outside, you can enjoy the lush view of dense foliage, accompanied by various species of birds and other wildlife, creating a visually pleasing spectacle that makes your eyes comfortable and beckons you to linger in this tranquil setting for an extended period.

Water Front

The Labuan Bajo waterfront boasts stunning panoramic views of the sea, with azure waters stretching out to the horizon.

The coastline is adorned with rugged cliffs, providing a dramatic backdrop to the vibrant activities along the waterfront.

Labuan Bajo serves as the main gateway to the Komodo National Park, and its waterfront is a hub of maritime activity.

Visitors can witness a bustling scene of traditional wooden boats, modern yachts, and fishing vessels lining the harbor. The dynamic atmosphere reflects the town’s role as a starting point for exploring the nearby islands.

Goa Rangko

Nestled within the enchanting landscape of Labuan Bajo, Gua Rangko emerges as a captivating destination that promises a unique and awe-inspiring experience. This hidden gem, situated on Pulau Kelor just a short boat ride away, unveils a mesmerizing underground cave adorned with a crystal-clear lake.

The cave’s charm lies in the ethereal light that filters through the natural openings, casting an enchanting glow upon the clear waters, creating a surreal and tranquil atmosphere.

Taman Nasional Komodo

Labuan Bajo, home to the renowned Taman Nasional Komodo (Komodo National Park), is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. This national park, located in the pristine waters of Indonesia, is famed for its iconic Komodo dragons – the world’s largest living lizard.

Beyond the fascinating reptiles, the park boasts diverse marine life, vibrant coral reefs, and breathtaking landscapes, making it a haven for snorkelers and divers. As you explore Taman Nasional Komodo, be prepared for encounters with prehistoric wonders and an immersive journey into the heart of one of Earth’s most extraordinary ecosystems.

Pulau Padar

Labuan Bajo’s allure extends to the captivating Pulau Padar, a picturesque island that beckons travelers with its breathtaking landscapes and panoramic views. Located within the Komodo National Park, Pulau Padar is renowned for its iconic trio of bays, each adorned with distinct shades of turquoise waters and surrounded by rugged hills.

A short hike to the island’s summit reveals a mesmerizing vista, where the interplay of sun, sea, and land creates a visual symphony that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


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